I LOVE this book.
In fact, I can't believe I haven't finished it yet.
Just not enough time.
But it is amazing - life changing, almost.
Read it if you haven't!

*All-Time Favorite Books*




I'm embarassed about how many shows I simply cannot miss.
Does it make it any better that I ride the stationary bike while I'm watching?
And sometimes folding laundry?
Nope, I'm still pathetic.
These are my favorite can't-miss shows.

Big Bang Theory  (my favorite!!!)
The Good Wife
The Mentalist
Mike & Molly
Modern Family
Parks & Rec
Raising Hope

*All-Time Favorite TV Shows*
Get these on dvd if you haven't already watched them.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll thank me.



*Recently Loved in the Theater*

*Recently Enjoyed on DVD*

*All-Time Favorite Flicks*



If I Had More Time

This is what I'd be doing
if only there were more than
24 hours in a day.

playing the piano

digital and/or paper scrapbooking

learning to play the ukulele
(what, it's cool, I promise!)


If I Had More Money

If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report,
we seek after these things.
13th Article of Faith

If I had endless funds:

First I would set aside enough money
to cover Chloe's alternative therapy
for the remainder of her life, then......

I would buy every single cardigan, lovely shoe and flowy item from Ruche.

Then I would buy a digital SLR
and practice taking photos
and editing photos
of myself in my new clothes
plus everyone and everything else!