Christmastime 2014

Sam ready to meet Santa for the first time
at the Taylor family party :)

One of my favorite pictures ever.
During bathtime, I caught Sam just staring at this picture
of his sister. Swoon!

Chloe and Rudolph understand:
the things that make you different
make you amazing!
I mean.... does it get any cuter?!
The Sunday before Christmas, we were planning on making it to church,
but the kids had different plans. Chloe was having a meltdown and Sam
was needing a nap and being extra fussy. The combination was too much
and none of us made it. Then an hour or so later, both kids were happier
than ever, smiling and laughing! I decided okay we may have missed church,
but I better get some pix in their Christmas best I bought for this year!
And I'm so glad I got them dressed even though we were just staying at home
because seriously how cute are these pictures!

Move over Anna and Elsa, there's a new ice princess in town ;)
The dapper-est little dude I've ever known.
But he will not keep hats on, no matter how cute they are!
This picture pretty much sums up
how Chloe felt about Christmastime
AND how Sam felt about it! Oh my!
There's just something about this picture.
I don't know exactly what it is,
but it makes my heart swell.
It's simple, but it's the details that get me.
So grateful for this life.
A few days before Christmas, Chloe was being extra fussy.
Oby decided perhaps she was just bored
and decided she needed Santa to bring one of her presents
a little early. So we told her how Santa sent an elf just to her
a few days before Christmas because he heard she wasn't feeling well.
She got this iCraze iPad stand and was able to watch Barney
on Netflix while she was laid up from her hip surgery.
She thought the elf, Santa's special treatment, the stand, and Barney
were all THE COOLEST things ever! She was happy...
for at least an hour! LOL! But seriously, I'll take it! ;)

Happy girl!

The iCraze was a hit!
Christmas Eve at my mom's. I am IN LOVE with Sam's face in this pic!

Oby and I on Christmas Eve.

This cutie patootie did pretty good on Christmas Eve for about an hour
(that seemed to be her max during the hip surgery recovery period).
She sure looked cute during that hour, though! But wouldn't look at me for a picture! Haha!

Is there anything better than Christmas Eve as a parent?
All that work comes down to this moment when you stand back
and see the gifts under the tree and anticipate the next morning.
When we went to bed on Christmas Eve, there was no snow.
When I woke up early Christmas morning, it was a white Christmas!
We had been envisioning our home at Christmastime since the moment
we saw it and here it was. It was every bit as beautiful as I had dreamed.
Life is good!
Christmas morning was perfection!
Chloe did relatively well and Sam was crazy excited!
My parents came over for breakfast and we decided
that should be a new tradition.
One of Chloe's favorite Christmas gifts was this
"Awesome Book of Awesome Faces" that I made with Chatbooks.
You can see it here:

The day after Christmas, we took Sam out to play in the snow.
His first time in snow was a hit! He loved it!
Me too, Sam. Me too.

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