A Fabulous Trip

It's been a couple of weeks since Chloe, Nana and I went to San Fran to visit Oby's sister and her fam. Sadly my camera got left behind and it took awhile for me to get it back, get the pix uploaded, etc, etc. Well, I think it was worth the wait! It was fun re-living our trip, but it made me miss those crazy kids who stayed behind in California. BOO to family living far away..... BOO!!!

Here's a re-cap.....

Plane Ride:

Chloe looked oh-so-fab ;)

Chloe was an excellent passenger. But this trip helped me realize that there is no way I could do air travel with Chloe alone. I definitely needed another adult to help me carry her, her chair, my purse, fold up the stroller, etc, etc. Because of her special stroller/chair set-up and bottles, we had to go through extensive security screenings several times on the trip. I must say, though, all the airport personnel were very nice and made what could have been a dreaded experience pretty delightful after all. I think they were probably smitten with this girl....

Barbie: check. Rainbow Brite: check. Magazine: check.
Okay, Captain, we're ready for lift-off!

Chloe and friends loved the ride, especially when we landed.
Who knew landing could be so funny?!?!
I dunno, but Chloe sure thought it was!

Just Hangin' Out

All the tourist attractions in the world couldn't have compared with just hanging out with the people we came all that way to see!

Henry & PJ showing off their bike skillz

Will, Nana & Chloe look on in amazement

Everyone loved being together.... and watching cartoons!

Disney Museum

If you're ever in the San Fran area, I recommend this museum. It's more for adults (although PJ and Henry liked it, Chloe not so much). I tell ya what.... that Walt guy was pretty amazing. I was very inspired.

PJ & Chloe loved this floor!

This pic does not come close to doing this view justice.
PJ, Will, Chloe & Henry

Fisherman's Wharf:

This was a great place where our vacation line began. Taylor parked to go to Fisherman's Wharf. Tami insisted the parking spot was very far away from where we wanted to be.

"I'm tellin' ya!" she kept saying.

It only took 1.5 minutes to get to the wharf, so poor Tami was wrong. We teased her incessantly the rest of the trip with, "I'm tellin' ya!"

The restaurant we went to was just divine. It was a bakery called Boudin. Yummo!!!

Tami drowning her teasing sorrows in lobster and pasta ;)

Oakland Zoo:

This zoo was wonderful! A bit hilly, which made for a nice workout, in addition to gawking at all the cute animals!

This tree-swinging monkey was my favorite. Actually, a zoo worker corrected me when she overheard me calling this a monkey. She said it was actually in the ape family. Whatever you want to call it, it sure was cute, swinging all around on the branches, then stopping every once in awhile to literally hang out. That's the life!....

Hanging out

Henry looking at the chimpanzee looking at Henry

PJ & Henry on the lily pads

Chloe trying to stretch her neck like the turtles do ;)

Chloe in front of the giraffes and gazelles

Chloe & Will liked the elephants

Henry, Chloe & PJ in the bamboo by the tigers!

Taylor, Henry & PJ on the carousel

Chloe's Pigtails

Since Aunt Taylor is a hair stylist, I thought she could teach me how to put Chloe's hair in pigtails. I can never replicate it to be quite this cute, what with Chloe's curls, cowlicks and wobbly head, but I try because I just love Chloe's hair like this!...

Half Moon Bay:

Despite the windy day, we still LOVED going to the beach! It was a perfect ending to our fabulous trip!....

Chloe & Mom: Beach Babes!

Chloe has an affinity for wind.
It's like she thinks Mother Nature is playing a game with her.
She just laughs and laughs. It cracks me up!

Henry & PJ ran, splashed and dug to their heart's content!

Cute William

The Norseth Fam
Thanks, you guys, for putting up with us and showing us a GREAT time!


Colleen said...

how fun! love the pics!

Becky said...

I've MISSED you. :) What a great trip. I know what you mean traveling alone. I've come to that point - vent and all - where I just can't do it anymore. I'll take all the help I can get. Glad it was a FUN trip. :)

Mel said...

Looks like so much fun!! I love SF it is a fabulous place!! I loved the bread at Boudin, your pic made my mouth water!!:)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Wonderful pictures and fair play to you for making such a journey with Chloe, it's not easy, I know.

April said...

Oh I am so happy you had such a wonderful trip. I just love the picture of you and Chloe on the beach. What wonderful memories you've made! love you xoxo

Kelly Deneen said...

It looks like the most amazing vacation! :)

Chloe looks like she has such a great time. She is SO cute!