Differently Abled Toy Guide

Hooray that this toy guide exists!

Hip hip hooray
that you can share our opinions about it! Read more about this opportunity HERE!


Devon said...

Cool! Thanks!!! I'm checking it out now!

ady said...

Thanks for the info! It's nice that they have thought about doing something like that. Honestly, though, I didn't see much in there I'd buy for Kylee. She just isn't able to use most of those "regular" kinds of toys. Maybe just the coloring stuff, hand over hand. Also I found it interesting that they have all those classifications (auditory, tactile, etc), but it seems a little... I don't know, unnecessary? for a catologue that small. I mean, it didn't take long to look through the whole thing, so I didn't use the index. Just my honest 2 cents - we have a lot of trouble finding suitable toys though. I'm sure other people might find it more impressive than I did! :)