First Day

Today was Chloe's first official day of preschool. My little caterpillar is shedding her cocoon and learning to fly....

Many of my feelings, thoughts and emotions about this BIG event in our lives are best summed up in the lyrics of the song When You Come Back Down by Nickel Creek. (playing)

You got to leave me now, you got to go alone
You got to chase a dream, one that's all your own
Before it slips away
When you're flyin' high, take my heart along
I'll be the harmony to every lonely song
That you learn to play

When you're soarin' through the air....

I'll be your solid ground
Take every chance you dare
I'll still be there
When you come back down
When you come back down

I'll keep lookin' up, awaitin' your return
My greatest fear will be that you will crash and burn
And I won't feel your fire
I'll be the other hand that always holds the line
Connectin' in between your sweet heart and mine
I'm strung out on that wire

And I'll be on the other end, To hear you when you call
Angel, you were born to fly, If you get too high
I'll catch you when you fall
I'll catch you when you fall

Your memory's the sunshine every new day brings
I know the sky is calling
Angel, let me help you with your wings

When you're soarin' through the air
I'll be your solid ground
Take every chance you dare

I'll still be there
When you come back down
Take every chance you dare,
I'll still be there....

When you come back down
When you come back down

Let's just say it was a day jam-packed with emotions. We started with a big send-off party at our house. She had balloons for good luck and lots of kisses and hugs from Mom, Grammy & Papa. She was excited to go on the big yellow bus and to use her new back pack (she loves that thing!)....

When the bus pulled up to our house, I thought I would be nervous, but I was so excited for her. I thought she would get scared on the lift, but she actually really liked it!....

I decided to ride with her this first time to let her know the bus is a good place and learn to feel comfortable. I sat by her side and explained that this is the bus whose wheels go round and round, like we've been singing about for all these years! We sang the song a few times while she looked around and took it all in, grinning and laughing every second! Grammy was right behind us to give me a ride home (and I think because she needed to see for herself that Chloe was okay!)....

Chloe rode the bus with two new friends, Noah and Marissa. They were so cute....

Then we got to the school, got off the bus and (whew!) the bus ride was over. That's what I had been most nervous about....

What I didn't realize is that THIS would be the hardest part of the day....

The teachers were now responsible for my little girl. I felt lighter, but I missed the weight. Does that make sense? It was SO hard watching them walk away with my little girl. My non-verbal little girl who depends on me and her dad and her grandparents to figure out what she wants and make her laugh, not these people!

I gave them about 5 minutes to get settled in the room, then I secretly snuck in the hallway and peaked through the door. Chloe was meeting some new friends and being put in a chair in a semi-circle for story time. She was smiling. She was happy. It was okay.

It felt like a zillion years that she was gone. I got my house cleaned, got most of the laundry done, then I still had several hours to kill that I didn't know what to do with.

It was nice.

The welcome home crew consisted of Nana, Grammy and Mommy. Us three crazy blond ladies jumping up and down and blowing horns at a big yellow school bus was probably quite a sight to passers by!....

Chloe was so happy to be home!

She was thirsty and very "talkative." She wanted ME.

It was nice....

I talked to her teacher on the phone. She said Chloe did great in class; she was either happy and smiling or quiet, observant and just taking it all in.

I always wanted my little caterpillar to experience flying and now she has. Enjoy it, little girl!


Nana said...

YAY CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a big big day.
Love her!!

Carina said...

What a great day! Who wouldn't love to be sent to school with a big party and then another one when you get back. She must have felt very happy and loved. You are such great parents. I am sure it has been an emotional day for you. I hope you sleep well and dream of her flying.

Gangwer said...

I can tell she just loved it and felt so special!!! Give her kisses from all of us!!!!

Becky said...

That made me cry. I can't even imagine how hard it is to see them learn things without you. Hard to let go, but she will be better because of it. YOU are such an amazing mom. I love that you celebrate ALL things. xoxo

Colleen said...

all I can say is "awwwww"

April said...

Oh that is so tender... and so exciting to see her have the opportunity to have a preschool adventure! You were both very brave :)
Love you!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Chloe, you are a big preschooler now! :)
I was so nervous sending my non-verbal Emily to school the day she turned 3. It was scary .. but now, I love it. And more importantly, SHE loves it!
The pictures of Chloe are all adorable as usual, but the last picture with the two of you ... beauty!

Ambitions of a Trophy Wife said...

Its hard to let go and trust that other people will take care of your precious package like you would! Luckily for me, Walker's classroom is on the end of the building so i could peak in the windows without disrupting anyone! I've been there like 10 tens! But he loves it and so will Chloe! I also am jealous that you sent her with balloons! How fun!

Kristina said...

It sure sounds like a great day. Balloons and noise makers - you are an amazing Mom. I just love, love, love it! I hope tomorrow goes just as seamless.

And, Chloe wanting Mom when she got home - makes my heart melt :-)

Oh, and I hope you don't mind but I made a tag for Emma like you have for Chloe - I totally copied your idea! Thanks for the photo to remind me about it!

Mo said...

Reading this makes ME happy, let alone how you, her family, make Chloe feel! The balloons, the send-offs, all the support...wow, you all are beautiful people.

Jenkins said...

Sending them off to school is the hardest (kinda jealous they let you ride the bus!).

Love that she was fully accessorized for school!

ady said...

Aww, way to go Chloe! I'm glad she liked it! She looked so cute, too :) Aren't you guys awesome for having such a big send off/ welcome home?! Chloe is one lucky gal!