Sweet Chloe was sick for all of Christmas. It definitely made for an unconventional time and missing out on many traditions, but it was a Christmas day filled with smiles, so it was still good!

For the most part, I kept Chloe quarantined in her bedroom. We didn't want to get anyone else sick and with Chloe's immune system shot like it is, we didn't want her to catch any secondary infections. Her bedroom was a fun place to hang, though. It's her favorite place to be because she loves to play with Teddy, Penguin & Snowman, she loves her tree and she loves her snow globes.

My sweet girl was fighting a fever and had a terrible eye infection all Christmas day. But she still had lots of Christmas joy despite it all!

The only traditions we kept were opening presents in the morning and hanging out with Grammy and Papa during the day. She got lots of fun presents from Santa and still has more presents to open when she's up to it from Nana & Papa! Her 6-foot piano from Grammy was definitely her most favorite gift. It plays such fun music when she kicks on it! I can't wait to see her play on it when she's actually feeling well!

About half-way through Christmas day, I realized that Chloe had given me a Christmas gift -- her sickness. My eyes were swollen and infected, and I had fevers, chills, body aches, sore throat, etc, etc. It was nice of Chloe to get me something, but to be honest, I hope next time she gets me something different! I was pretty much a mirror image of Chloe, but my pj's aren't nearly as cute as hers.

It was a major bummer to miss out on our typical Christmas traditions. Next year when we're healthy for Christmas (knock on wood), I won't take anything for granted. I love being with our families and watching the kids play with their new toys and eating yummy food and it truly made me sad to miss out on those things. But there's always next year, and we did have a blessed day filled with the true Christmas spirit of love and charity and gratitude for the eternal gifts our Savior brings. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well!


Angela said...

Sweet Chloe we need to have a chat about things you should and should not share with people LOL.

I am sorry you guys were sick. Sending love and hugs your way.

Mo said...

Oh Chloe... poor girl.

Isn't it the worst to have a babe with a fever? Hope you all are on the mend.

Becky said...

I'm so sorry you guys were sick. I thought you were over your illnesses in time for Christmas. Bummer. :( Feel better soon!

Shelly said...

So sorry that you both were so sick!! Not a fun way to spend Christmas. Glad you tried to make the most of it anyway. That piano looks SO COOL!!!!

Hope you're feeling better (both of you) and that Oby gets to miss out on the sick-fest!

MOLLY said...

i'm so sorry you're sick. you and chloe, that is no good. hope you feel better soon!

Janet "Grammy" Harrold said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you guys are sick...and look at beautiful Chloe, still smiling despite how bad she is feeling. She is just amazing! xoxo

Janet "Grammy" Harrold said...

Oh...feel better soon.

Kristina said...

I hope you both have a SPEEDY recovery and are back in the swing of things for New Years.

Emma has the jammies in the last photo and was wearing them today when we checked the blog - love them!

Nana said...

I hope you are all feeling a little bit better!!! Miss seeing you.