A Reason ~4~ Celebration!

Today we celebrated Izzy's 4th birthday (Chloe's cousin and BFF).

Izzy made a wish on her cupcakes (she told me later that her wish was that Justin Bieber would call her. LOL!)

Chloe doesn't dig Justin Bieber so much, but she did love the cupcakes!!!

Justin Bieber didn't make a call, BUT look what Chloe got Izzy! Justin Bieber stickers!!!! I caught Izzy giving one of them a kiss.

Chloe had to stick with kisses from her daddy. Cute!

Chloe was ALL smiles, what a fun night!

Happy Birthday, sweet Izzy girl! We love you!!! xo

(sorry for the Justin Bieber soundtrack, but it's for Izz ;)


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Cuteness! How funny that at four she is already in love with Beiber. The girls at Jacob's school all looooove him. Of course, that makes the boys hate him. ;)

Angela said...

Lesson of the day: do not visit Tara and Chloe's blog when you are in public if the sound is turned on...got some rather funny looks when Justin Bieber started playing out my speakers...thank you for that LOL.

Wow Izzy got big! and I am with Chloe I will take cupcakes over Justin any day.

Becky said...

I LOVE that last picture of Chloe...how I miss her!

Grand Pooba said...

Izzie is so cute! Look at that smile!