I'm extra excited about this playlist. Every song has either a unique and interesting sound, catchy tune, genius lyrics and/or is just plain fabulous in every way! This playlist makes me SO happy in every way. I hope you listen to every single one -- and please share any new tunes or artists you're liking as well!

I think my favorite new artist is Civil Twilight. Those guys are going places! Think Coldplay meets Ray Lamontagne! Squeal! You should check them out. I'm also super obsessed with Mumford & Sons lately -- their lyrics reach down into my soul and stir it up like crazy. Okay, now I'm starting to sound insane. Hmmmm, maybe I am!?!? ;)

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I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I'll be celebrating in a very special way. Join in if you want to! Details here. :)

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