Preschool Peeps

Chloe's last day of her first year of school was this week. She just loves her teachers and the feeling is mutual! Because Chloe will be going back to this same class next school year, she didn't officially "graduate" preschool, but her teachers did give her a certificate of achievement for having the best laugh! So sweet :)

Chloe with Miss Megan, Miss Tonya & Miss Linsay

Chloe was SO excited that Grammy and Papa were able to come to meet her preschool peeps....

Chloe with Papa & Grammy

She did not stop smiling and squealing the entire time. I'm pretty sure if she could have talked and walked, she would have been dragging Grammy, Papa and I around by the hand showing us everything in her classroom and introducing us to all of her friends. She kept looking at us, then would look at a person, as if to say, 'Hey, did you see her? She is my friend and I'm so happy you get to meet her!' It was really heart-warming, actually.

Miss Chloe

Speaking of heart-warming, watch this video that one of her teachers made as a reflection of her class and the commencement of their school year. It is just SO sweet!....

Special Needs Preschool class from Tara Bennett on Vimeo.

Can't get enough? Then feel free to also watch this video of the class that meets after Chloe's class goes home. We are friends with quite a few of the kiddos in this class, so I had to share it too!

Preschool from Tara Bennett on Vimeo.

I want to publicly thank Miss Megan, Miss Tonya, all the other assistants and therapists who helped Chloe this school year. It was so frightening to send her to school and entrust her into the care of perfect strangers. But as the title of "stranger" melted away, and as I began to feel how much they loved Chloe and how fiercely they fought for her well-being and progress, any fear or apprehension was replaced with complete trust, respect and appreciation. I cannot explain the depth of my gratitude to know that she was in such great hands! I never worried about her for one second while she was in school. I never wondered if they were taking good care of her or giving her enough attention... I knew without a doubt that they were providing the best care and helping Chloe meet her potential in every way possible. It is an honor to know them and a humbling experience to allow them to help me prepare Chloe to be a confident little lady who will be ready to begin her elementary education. "Thank you" just doesn't seem enough, but I know the adoration Chloe has for them is all the thanks they need. So until next year, friends, THANK YOU!!!!!


Teoni said...

I love posts like this!!

I am training to be a SEN teacher, it's lovely to see the difference teachers can make.

Just out of interest..what are the roles of the two young ladies that help? Looks fab!

April said...

Oh what wonderful teachers and friends for sweet Chloe! (Thanks for your sweet words on Caleb's blog-- I LOVE YOU!)

Jenna said...

Hi Chloe and Family
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are an amazing family and I know that you want the best for Chloe and so you sent her to this wonderful pre-school who takes so good care of her and help her become that inspirational hero she is. She is a very special little girl. I am special needs myself and I can tell you that I am very thankful towards those who help me. She is a Brave Warrior, and a Smilen Champ. I have developmental delays, and medical issues.