Viva Las Vegas

We've been having a fantastic weekend in Vegas visiting Oby's sister's family. They live here for Med School. Oh my, oh my, we have been enjoying the blue skies and sunshine -among other things - such as....


Hoover Dam touring:




Road Tripping:

And to think, we still have one more day of good times! Yay!

Happy Memorial Day!


April said...

Bring some sunshine back to Utah! So glad you're having a wonderful time!!

Holly said...

That looks like a blast! I love all of Chloe's swimsuits!

Jen said...

Oh, the smiles!! Warm my heart. :)

Mandy said...

oh me oh my look at those smiles!!!! She looks so happy to be in the sun!! I so feel like that when I am in the sun!! Looks like a ton of fun!!

Bugg's mama said...

Beautiful pictures! Did you get a new camera?

Looks like a special, fun, memorable time!

Love, bree