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Sorry, but I've been catching up on this season's So You Think You Can Dance and that's what Nigel says during all the try-outs. Speaking of SYTYCD, are you watching? If not, you should! WOW. I. Love. That. Show. And this season seems to be promising so far!

Onto the music.... Here is a new compilation - and a pretty fantastic one, if I do say so myself! I found new music from parousing VH1 Top 20, Odd Girl Out, Passionista's blog, Song of the Day blog, and from being a concert-going-groupie. I hope you enjoy this half as much as I know I will!!!


Since this is a music-related post, I'm going to do a quick review of concerts I've been to or will be going to this month....

The Head & The Heart opened for Iron & Wine. Can I just tell you -- they are both AMAZING! I already adored Iron & Wine, but Sam & his band exceeded expectations. Sam's voice is like buttah and I could have watched his drummer all night long! But as much as I loved Iron & Wine, I think I liked The Head & The Heart even more. Trust me, that shocks me more than it could ever shock you. Words just simply cannot explain and recorded music does NOT do justice to this band! Their voices, their musical skills, and their energy just filled up the entire venue. The crowd went wild for them. If you ever get the chance to see them live, take it!!!

I have loved and adored Brett Dennen's chill musical style and genius lyrics for years, and I just didn't think I could like him any more than I already did. Boy was I wrong! He was such a fun entertainer, an absolute joy to watch! He made the audience feel the lyrics. He is adorably humble, yet ridiculously talented. It was so much fun to see him!

The next concert coming up is Natasha Bedingfield. Although I appreciated her voice, I didn't really consider her music my style -- UNTIL the fateful day when I watched an acoustic concert on TV, something similar to VH1 Unplugged. Oh me oh my, she is a beautiful performer. Here's a little sneak peek at what I plan to see at her Less is More tour performance....

(p.s. I just love this song ~ it reminds me of Oby!)

The other concert we've got this month is Civil Wars. Usually I go to concerts with my friend Melissa, but Oby actually wanted to go with me to this one - he loves their music! Which is a good thing because I really, really wanted to see them and their concert falls on our 5-year anniversary!!! You have to check out these videos..... Their connection, harmony and unique dance between folk-rock and indie-pop is just my style! Oh I cannot wait! Also, I LOVE the venue where they're going to perform - it's going to amazing :)

In other entertainment news, have you seen the trailer for the new show that's coming out starring Zooey Deschanel? Holy bananas, I have watched this a couple dozen times and laugh hysterically each time! She is one of my absolute favorite people - I love her music, her acting, her quirky style.... I cannot wait for this show to start! Check it out and set your DVR!

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