Special Gifts

Chloe had so much fun celebrating the main men in her life on Father's Day! She wore a cute shirt, just for the occasion that said, 'my heart belongs to dad.' This was actually her Valentine's Day shirt, but it worked perfectly for Father's Day as well! All together now.... "Awwwww....."

She surprised Oby with a picture collage for his desk at work and a unique bouquet of some of his favorite treats..... Dove dark chocolate squares were in the vase, then there was an arrangement of beef jerky sticks. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the bouquet because it really was quite fantastic!

Her main gift was lots of love and snuggles. But it turned out to be a raw deal for me, Grammy and Nana, though! Chloe would NOT give the girls kisses that day.... She knew this was the day for the boys so she saved all her lovin' for them! It really was adorable that my non-verbal little girl was able to say, "Happy Father's Day!" in her very own special way by doing something she was able to do independently - reserving kisses. She really is such a sweet little smarty pants!

Thank you again to Oby and our dads for being such loving and wonderful fathers. We are lucky and very, very grateful. xo

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