Freezer Meals

I know I'm not the only one with a tight schedule. Between work, school, cleaning, working out, quality time with my sweeties, blogging, Pinterest, DVR clean-up, and all those other "important" things.... I've simply not had time (or made time) to cook meals! Which meant unhealthy, expensive stops at fast food joints just to keep us fed. Well, no more. I was inspired by Pinterest (nothing new!).... Low-cost freezer meals AND slow cooker freezer meals.

So Oby and I decided to give it a whirl. We picked out some of our favorite crock pot meals, made a grocery list and included freezer bags on the list. We made two weeks of meals -- lunch and dinner -- in just 2 hours, including clean up! Keep in mind, Chloe eats like a bird, so this is just 2 weeks of meals for 2 people. But we're still excited! I'm just going to get out a meal before I leave for work in the morning, pop it in the crock pot, then it will be ready for Oby and Chloe when they get home, and still simmering for me when I get home! Then there will be enough for leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day! We also cut up a lot of veggies from our garden, so they'll be prepared and fresh to go along with our meals! Looking in our freezer gives us so much sense of accomplishment!

I posted this pic on facebook and everyone asked for the recipes. So here ya go, folks!

We also made Coconut Chicken Curry from this site.

If you want more crock pot recipes, I've compiled quite a few on my recipe pin board HERE.

I think next time, I'll also try some casserole recipes or other recipes included on this site and may also try putting each recipe in two bags, just because I'm afraid with just Oby and I eating each meal, some might go to waste. This is most likely going to be a learn-as-we-go process, but I do think it's a good idea that will ultimately work for our family!

If you have any time-saving tips or yummy recipes to share, please let me know! I'm dedicated to making positive changes for myself and my family, so I appreciate any ideas!

***Update: Jen commented and recommended this book: Fix, Freeze, Feast. I already bought it for myself! Even more ideas for next time! Woo hoo! Thanks, Jen!

***Another update: Dinner is Ready is another book that has been recommended. Loving all these resources... Thanks, everyone!

*** I can't believe I forgot to mention the freezer meals recipe list on Our Best Bites. That site is just a great recipe resource all around.


Jennifer said...

YUM!!! Will be stealing some recipes. I like this book too: Fix, Freeze, Feast. One recipe makes 3-4 entrees to freeze. It's fun if you and a couple friends do it, then y'all can trade entrees so you don't have four of one thing. I just had some of the left over mozzarella meatballs for lunch. They're delish!

Jacolyn said...

Thanks so much for compiling all this invaluable info!! Can't wait to start freezing. (already had the Italian Chicken on our rotation and the kids love it).

Freezer Meals said...

Dinner is Ready is another great book about freezer meals.