I Can't Believe It's Already December!

Seriously, where does the time go?! Thankfully, I've been preparing for Christmas for a few months, so I'm not stressed that the season is upon us, but I just truly can't believe it.

Sweet Chloe is still having a pretty rough time, but I do think we're starting to make a turn for the better. We still haven't gotten any word about the EEG (no news is good news?), but she finally, inexplicably, started sleeping again last week. Then two days later, she got Croup, and since then we've added double ear infection, strep, and eye infection to the list. Sweet girl, she's still pretty happy most of the time -- as long as Mom is holding her, that is. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, just updating the world as to why I haven't been blogging! I know we are so blessed and that she truly is relatively healthy, and I'm SO grateful for that! Anyway, here are some pictures since the last time I posted.

Chloe in some super cute fall-ish outfits. No smiles, though, little stinker!

Thanksgiving was a delight. We went to my mom's house and ate far too much pie with the one's we love! I just adore these two...

My cousin, Marianne, with Chloe. I promise you Chloe was giving a million dollar smile until the second I clicked the shutter!

Ah football and a tryptophan-induced nap with Daddy. What's better than that!?....

Sweet girl getting nebulizer treatments during the days of Croup:

And last, but not least, a sneak peek of our Christmas card. This isn't the picture we're using, but this is Chloe's little outfit. I just love this precious child.


Sue (Lee Life and Lessons) said...

She is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous as always and such a trooper through the all the illnesses! I love when you post pics of her...can't get enough!

Kristina said...

You are so on the ball with preparing for the holidays! I'm a bit of a mid-minute rush (not quite last minute) type of gal.

Sorry Chloe's been feeling a bit sick. Does she take any vitamins? Emma has kept relatively healthy these last few years - something that is commented on extensively from her team because they tend to call out sick much more frequently than Emma does (I don't think she was out sick from school even once last year). I hope I didn't just jinx us, but Emma takes vitamin C, a vitamin formulated for brain injured children, and DHA. If you want more details on what I give Emma, email me. Maybe it could help Chloe?

Best wishes for a fun-filled holiday season!

Mo said...

She has the sweetest curls!!!

Jen said...

Aww. Poor sweetie- I hope she is feeling better soon. Blessings,

MOLLY said...

loving your sweet card hanging on our fridge! ours won't be out for a bit so don't think i forgot you. no way! sorry to hear chloe's been sick. bummer.