Christmas Night

Christmas night was spent with the Bennett family. Well, except for the Norseth's who were at home in California enjoying their brand new baby Freddy. This picture makes me giggle, what a cute group of misfits! Zeke, standing there only because of the threat that his toys might be taken away, Izzy hopping on one leg, Chloe smiling at the ceiling, Madi throwing a fit, and Tonio trying to wrangle Madi. (sigh), I love it!

Chloe was sure looking cute.

There were presents...

LOTS of presents!!!....

But the real reason were were there was just to be together!

We had so much fun playing Mingle with my side of the family the night before, we thought we'd give the Bennett's the same pleasure. I think this picture sums it up!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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