Nana's Annual Halloween Party

This post is pictures only, but in my defense, there are lots of pictures!!! Enjoy :)

SuperGirl Chloe

Super Chloe

Grandpa Phil

Yes. There is a baby coming out of Jamie's belly. Insert horrified scream here.

Chloe wasn't sure what to think of Daddy's, um, head.

Maximus, zombie football player

PJ, Oby, Henry

Calvin & Tonio: eggs & bacon :)

Ghost of Bob Marley, some other ghosts, Maximus the zombie football player, and Mr. Eggs

Freakish baby belly man, bacon boy, bird nest lady, and zombie cheerleader

The Norseth's: PJ (mad scientist), Taylor (June Carter), baby Fred (lumberjack), Pete (Johnny Cash), William & Henry (ninjas!)

Papa and Nana. May not seem scary until you see Papa's nipple ring. Insert horrified scream here.

There's the nipple ring again. Aaah!


The whole crew. I was the only one not in a costume so I took the pic. In other words, my plan worked! Muah hahaha!

Baby Fred was actually dressed as a lumber jack, but throw these sunglasses on him and voila, Baby Carlos from The Hangover! HILARIOUS :D

They were originally Zorro & his Spanishista, but the boys ruined Pete's mask and sword. So... add a black cowboy hat and Johnny Cash/June Carter it is!

Hiiiyah! William and Henry showing off their ninja skills!

Skeletons on the decorative bike, zombie cheerleader, zombie football player.... it's just how we roll!

Chloe LOVED the spook alley! She was squealing the entire time!!!

Spook alley guide, Nana. :)

Post cupcake decorating, the kiddos got candy fangs. Love this pic!

Roasting marshmallows! Yay!


T said...

Loving the pics! Chloe looks great - so healthy, and VERY grown up!!! xx

Jenn said...

Hilarious! Happy (early) Halloween!