Disneyland Trip!

We went on a long, lovely vacation a couple weeks ago with Oby's side of the family. We truly had such a wonderful time! We stayed in a nice rental home in Anaheim and just enjoyed being with the fam several days, then hitting Disneyland for 4 days. We truly are so blessed! These pictures are in a completely random order, but this is the best I can do tonight. :)

This might be my new favorite picture. I love these two sillies. My life is so full.

Madison, Isabella, and Chloe with the princesses! Madi and Chloe's faces kill me! And I loved the spot where these princesses were... The waterfall and dwarfs! So cute!

Chloe Oby, Fred and Taylor with Tow Mater! We loved Cars Land!

Chloe, Isabella, PJ, Fred, Tonio, Henry, and William with the infamous Meeska Mooska! I am so in love with Fred's face in this pic! Is he scared? Just checking him out? Letting him know who's boss? I don't know, but I find it hilarious!

I love this pic of Chloe in her minnie glasses. She got these last time we went to Disneyland - I think they're so cute :)

Izzy in the game room at the house. The kids loved the game room!

Who wouldn't love a game room with Foosball!?! Nothin' better!

Here's Taylor, Nick, and Oby between rounds of Pit. We adults didn't need a game room to play games. We got rowdy, though, playing Pit, Ticket to Ride, and card games. So many fun memories!

Zeke and the Hulk at the Lego store. Don't make Zeke mad! No, really, don't. ;)

Oby, Jamie, Tonio, Zeke in the pool. The pool at the house was SO nice and we spent a LOT of time in it (mostly doing cannonball contests, of course)!

William is such a cutie. He said Oby was his favorite guy on this trip. Oby is my favorite guy, but Will is right up there. Love this kid.

The whole pool crew!

Beautiful little Madison!

Papa & Chloe

More fun in the pool/hot tub!

Pete, Freddo, and Taylor

We all loved this new tire ride in Cars Land. I didn't have my camera when Chloe rode on it, but she looved it! They had a booster seat for her so she could ride by herself and she just loved it! So fun :)

Chloe in Small World amid our tulips <3 br="br">

My pretty girl

She was holding up her head so well in Small World! She didn't want to miss anything!

Izzy & Henry on Small World

Oby and Chloe on the ladybug ride

Oby and Chloe ~ Small World again :)

Megan and Madi :)

Zeke & Nick ~ Bugs Land Bumper Cars!

Aisha, Izzy, Meg, and Zeke on Splash Mountain. it was Izz & Zeke's first time and they loved it!

My sweeties at Small World

Meg and Zeke on the tea cups!

Henry, Will, Izzy, and Aisha

Madi with Nana's iPad ~ the kids were always fighting over who got the iPad!

Will, Zeke, Chloe just chillin' :)

PJ trying to get Papa, Nana, Zeke, Henry, and Taylor to hurry up into the park!

Small World/Big Family. Everyone's on a slight hill and it makes me laugh how Nick looks like a giant just because he's at the top of the hill! =)

Izzy, Chloe, Zeke, and Henry ~ such silly kids!

Izz, Will, Chloe, and Henry waiting in line for Peter Pan! That's one of my favorites :)

Nana and Papa in matching track suits. Those two were killin' me this trip with their track suits!

Chloe and Izzy got their faces painted for free by this cute girl. She insisted on doing it for free - so nice! They looked cute and festive with their Christmas lights and snowflakes.

Chloe and Oby on the California Adventure pier featuring Chloe's favorite ride ~ the Ferris wheel with rocking gondolas!

Oby, Mike, Tami, Pete, Chloe, and Will waiting in line

Megan, Madi, Zeke, Nick, Lucas ~ da Gangwers!

Izz, Will, Madi, and Henry at a gingerbread house in Knottsberry Farm.

Another picture on the pier. The night pic is much better, don't you think?!

Will, Zeke, and Izz waiting to see the Bug's Life movie. Izzy is such a ham for pictures!

Will and Henry ~ brothers gotta hug!

Izz, Aisha, Tonio, Jamie. Aww.

My cuties

More Small World

Papa and his kids on the tram, a.k.a. one of Chloe's favorite rides!

Some of the crew just watching a movie on one of our days off.

Chloe in her Toy Story ride 3D glasses (this was most of our group's favorite ride)

The Norseth's in Cars Land :)

Chloe and Oby in front of the big tree. Chloe's making this face because we aren't on a ride. She wanted to be on a ride every second and was pouting when we weren't! Silly girl!

Oby got Chloe this glow in the dark balloon. Oh boy, did she love it for the 2 hours it lasted. She beat that thing until it popped!

Love these kids!
Our sweet kiddos for a group pic the night before we left: Izzy, Will, Henry, Zeke, Madi, Chloe, Lucas, Tonio, PJ, and Fred. :)

Before I had Chloe, I liked Disneyland okay, but didn't think much of it. But the memories I've made with Chloe and Oby at that place and the magic in Chloe's eyes... it's a pretty special place to this heart of mine. I'm so thankful we were able to go and am already looking forward to next time :)


Nana said...

I love all of your pictures!! We have been very blessed to be able to spend all that time together. I loved it!!!!!

BuggyBag said...

Hi Oby, Tara & Chloe,
I stumbled across your blog while I was reading Brianne's blog http://thebuggslife.blogspot.ca/
I have designed a blanket for wheelchair/stroller users and occasionally I decide I'd like to share a sample with someone who strikes a chord in me. I would love to send you guys one. If you'd allow me to, please email me at leslie@buggybag.com I couldn't see where you guys are located so, I don't know if it even gets cold enough where you are for this to be an asset to Chloe. You decide and let me know. You can go see the product at www.buggybag.com

Jen said...

Looks like an amazing vacation. Chloe looks adorable in her minnie mouse glasses. Also, love how she is holding up her head in Small World. Such a beautiful family.

Rhonda Stafford said...

What a great bunch of pictures! This sounds like an amazing vacation. Chloe is such a sweet and adorable girl! If you guys need any cerebral palsy resources (medical, legal, advice on anything from buying a wheelchair to getting a dog to finding a therapist), I have found the Cerebral Palsy Family Network to be really helpful. Anyway, thanks for blogging! And Chloe, keep smiling!

Raelyn said...

I've personally known quite a few sweet children with cerebral palsy. And I am certain that several people have told you how beautiful Chloe is. But. Has a girl such as myself--who was born with multiple birth defects and is now 29 years old--ever said it? Chloe is beautiful!! No, wait. Chloe is, as my phrase goes, Beautifully Unique!! ;)
I love Tow Mater!! He was one of my favorite characters in "Cars"!! I loved it when Mater asked Lightning McQueen "What's wrong with rusty old cars?". In my own weird way--and being somebody who is learning disabled--Mater may as well have said: "What's wrong with being different?". Answer? Nothing!! ;-D
Keep posting. I want to watch Chloe grow up!! ;-D