June 2013

Chloe got her first Botox treatment ever this June. We saw quite a bit of improvement from it and are now firm believers. She had fewer leg spasms at night so she slept better and she started using her left arm/hand a lot more.

This pic was when we were swimming/lounging on the back patio to celebrate kindergarten graduation! What a big girl!

Yes, I know, we were just celebrating kindergarten graduation, but just a few weeks later, Chloe was back to summer school! And she wouldn't have it any other way ~ this girl LOVES school!

Chloe got this new swing and we had already got our money's worth out of it after the first day. So, yes, she LOVED it!

Chloe's Virginia souvenir bears

We also got Chloe this Wike special needs bike trailer/all-terrain stroller. (Wow, I just realized how spoiled we were this summer with lots of new stuff!) Chloe LOVED going on bike rides, but we used it more for hiking - mostly to get out of the blistering/record breaking heat! But this fall, I'm sure we'll get back to biking (if my pregnant body can handle it, that is!)

All these pictures were from our first weekend at the cabin with the new stroller. We went to Whitney Reservoir, Mirror Lake, and just adventuring around the cabin. It was so much fun and Chloe was in absolute heaven!

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