Musical Monday: No One Like You

When I was pregnant with Chloe, I loved playing the piano for her. I thought it was a way for us to bond. I thought it would be comforting for her as a newborn to hear songs that were familiar. In her first several months when she cried often and it was hard to comfort her, this was one thing that did seem to help, so I think my plan worked. We don't have a piano in our home right now, but I still sing the sweet words, and she lights up every time! (beware, this is very cheesy, but I dare you not to like it)....

I like your eyes.
I like your nose.
I like your mouth.
Your ears, your hands, your toes.
I like your face.
It's really you....

I like the things you say and do.
There's not a single soul
That sees the skies
The way you see them
Through your eyes.
And aren't you glad?
You should be glad
There's no one, no one
Exactly like you.


Katy said...

So sweet!

Ellen said...

That is an awesome song. And Tara, I just love that you used to play piano for Chloe in your belly. I used to play classical. Unfortunately, kids won't have any of that. All they want (well, mostly all Sabrina wants) is Kidz Bop!

Nana said...

Too cute. The song is good too.
As to your previous post.
Don't do it.

Heatherlyn said...

Super cute song!

I think music is a magical language that transcends a lot of barriers. It's wonderful. Children definitely connect through music!

Ryan*Kendra*Kenz said...

i love her face tara.. we need to get together so i can hold her again. i miss her. she is such a joy and brings so much light. ms. chloe is amaaaazing! so are you and oby. maybe we can meet for dinner or have you guys over this next week or next??? ryan really misses his buddies :) and i miss YOU.

April said...

AHH!! I love John Denver!! :) He was my childhood favorite!