You Know You Want To!

For everyone who reads this blog and lives in Utah, I wanted to let you know about a couple fund-raising events that we have scheduled. Please come if you can! I promise it will be fun and all proceeds go to Chloe's Sunshine Playground!.....

If you're interested in the golf tourney, just let me know because we'd like to pre-register everyone. Get your company to sponsor you and bring some friends!!!

We have several other events tentatively planned, but the details aren't worked out yet. I'll keep you posted!

Whether you can make it or not, thank you everyone for your support. I feel everyone cheering me on with this project and it helps a LOT! The issues I was having with the city have been ironed out and we are going full speed ahead!

We're getting started on the design phase next week and I am most excited about that. I wish everyone could get in my head and see what I've got planned.... it is going to be AMAZING! We've chosen our main vendors to be Game Time & Cre8 Play. (Watch the video on Cre8 Play if you have a chance, it shows some of their projects!) I have these big ideas and the vendors have told me that no idea is too big.... anything I can dream up they will make happen. I hope they live up to that promise because I've got a pretty wild imagination!


Kristina said...

Yeah! The kickoff has begun. I'm soooooo excited for you! Remember, if you need any input or want to run an idea by anyone, the guy here in DE that worked on our adapted playground offered to give you some info. that they found out during the process (that they wish they knew ahead of time!). I know they worked with the local Children's hospital therapy department and that was a great way to ensure they were thinking of many different types of needs.

Good luck fundraising! You should consider one that we can do from afar, too, as I'm not likely to get to UT for these :-(

Merinda Reeder said...

I can't be there, but I've sent this along to all my Utah relations.

Team Carter Jay said...

Hi from Clinton! I just found your blog, and want to pass on this info to as many people as I can. My little guy is still a baby, but I know that he can definitely benefit from a playground like this later in his life. Thank you for all you do, and I'll be making a blog post about this later today ;)

Amanda said...

You're so awesome, Tara! I wish you didn't live so dang far away, Syracuse is a really long drive from Orem :(. But I'll try and see what I can do to make the events, I'd love to come out and support you!