Karma's a B!+*?

Do you think it was a coincidence that just a month after Chloe lost her tooth in "the incident," that I chipped my front tooth?

The front tooth that is chipped is in the exact location as the tooth Chloe lost. (insert psycho theme here)

If you've ever watched a single episode of "My Name is Earl," then you'll know that karma will have her way, and she has definitely had her way with me!

I have had the tooth "fixed" three times now.

It just chipped again. All I was doing was drinking diet lemonade, and suddenly I felt a hard thing in my mouth. For some reason what I said when that happened was, "....Our pets heads are falling off!" (Are there any Dumb & Dumber fans out there?)

Hopefully the fourth "fix" will be the charm. It's scheduled for next Monday. I have a feeling, though, that karma will not allow that tooth to look nice and pretty until Chloe's adult tooth grows in. Karma is very unforgiving like that.

It's hill billy smiles all around in our house these days!.... Teeth missing, teeth chipped, geesh! Sadly, they are not the fake hill billy inserts, this is the real deal!

Guess that'll teach me to drop my kid, huh?


Becky said...

NO! It's not your fault...no guilt, remember? Sorry about your tooth. xoxo

Ashlee said...

Photo please!!! You crack me up.

Katy said...

I'm with Ashlee--I think a picture is in order.

Devon said...

Oh heck. It really is a you-know-what. I'm sorry about your tooth!

Shelly said...

Um, excuse me. Picture?

And I totally laughed my butt off with your D & D quote. I just said that yesterday.

Colleen said...

you know you're redneck when...
HOpe they can fix it up soon!

Nana said...

If Karm was unforgiving all your teeth would fall out. If this fix doesn't work tell Dr. Felt HE IS doing it!