I Want to Hold Your Hand

Here are just a few people Chloe got to hold hands with this week. We are SO blessed to have many amazing friends!....

Caleb & Chloe

Caleb, April & Chloe

Chloe & April

Chrystal & Chloe

Mason, Sadie & Avery

sweet baby Libby

Kendra & Chloe

Speaking of Kendra.... She is doing an amazing charity in honor of her daughter, Makenzie, who passed away in December. Please head HERE to find out about it and go HERE to help if you can! Don't you ever hear about something terrible that happened to a complete stranger, like Kendra losing Makenzie, and think, 'I wish there were something I could do to help them.' Well, this time there IS something you can do!


April said...

Oh such sweet pictures! (I do believe I have strawberry seeds in my teeth- lol:)

Will you e mail them to me? :) It was so fun to be with you! love you! xo

Becky said...

OH! Slightly jealous you guys got to be together. Beautiful pictures!!! I miss my Utah friends. :(

jallred78 said...

It was so good to see you this week.