Happy Easter!

What a wonderful Easter!

Chloe was SO excited that the Easter bunny came. She was so adorable this morning when I told her that the Easter bunny had come. She was cranking her head all around, looking for her basket! If that girl could have got out of bed, running around and searching for her basket, you better believe she would have! She loved all of her Easter treats.... a stuffed chick, candy (of course!), a book, a blanket, bubbles and Popsicles.

It was a unique Easter Sunday since we watched General Conference instead of church, but it was definitely an uplifting way to remember the real reason for the holiday.

We had a delicious brunch with my parents, then headed to Oby's parents house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. Chloe was so thrilled being with her cousins and feeling the energy of the holiday. There was about an hour or so that we took Chloe downstairs with her cousins. We put her in her Special Tomato chair and she just smiled, giggled and played WITHOUT adult supervision! I felt freedom for both of us, and it made me HAPPY!

She loved the egg hunt, just watching everyone else was heaven for her, but she loved when we brought an egg up to her! She would give the egg a kiss! It was soooo cute!

She was so tuckered out after all the festivities. She has woke up around 2-3 a.m. three times this week. Not just woken up and wanted a bottle or something -- that's typical. But this week she's gotten up like it's time to start the day! So she and I are worn out. I'd love to put the kabosh on this habit, but I'm not sure what's causing it so I don't know how to go after the cause. All I can do is cross my fingers and sleep when I can.... which is NOW, so night night!


April said...

What a wonderful Easter! Spring time is the very essence of Chloe!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Easter!

Becky said...

It was a perfect weekend. :) Glad you guys had so much fun. Tell Chloe to SLEEP! Have you tried Melatonin? I know that feeling though. Hope you get it figured out soon. Love you guys.

The Pachuilo Family said...

Chloe looks so cute, I just love that butterfly clip in her hair! And I just love her dress, she is too cute!
And a big whoo whoo for Chloe playing with the other kids for an hour. What a huge step for you and for her

jennohara said...

Sounds like the Easter Bunny was very good to Chloe this year! :)
Happy Easter!

Grand Pooba said...

Dang, I'm still waiting for an invitation from Nana to join your family, what a fun Easter!!

I hope you got some sleep last night!

Nana said...

That was a fun day. We have the cutest kids in our family!

Jen said...

Looks like Chloe had a beautiful Easter! Her little chick in the egg looks familar- I couldn't pass up that little guy either. My baby got one in his basket! :)

Jen from
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