Cousins & Friends

Chloe is so lucky to have so many seriously fabulous cousins! It's impossible to differentiate between them as cousins or friends.... they are just both to her! All of her typically out-of-state cousins were in town this past weekend and Chloe just loved it!

Izabella & Chloe swinging

Chloe & Aspen out to lunch!

We wore Izabella right out!

All the Bennett cousins together!

Tonio, Isabella, PJ, Will, Henry, Chloe & Ezekeil

Chloe has a little friend in church named Abby. Abby just adores Chloe and always plays with her in nursery. This week, she drew this picture for Chloe and made her dad take her to give it to Chloe. He said he tried convincing her to wait until she saw Chloe at church again, but she said it was too important and couldn't wait. So sweet, Chloe's first little neighbor-friend!...

Remember our friends, Gerty and Gilbert? Well, we said goodbye to them this week. Don't worry, they went to a good home... a cute young family who wanted them as pets.

We had to make room in the pasture for our NEW friends, Bandit & Big D. They're not our horses, but in exchange for letting the owners board them in our pasture, we get to use them for Chloe's horse therapy! All the benefits of having horses without the work or expense: SWEET DEAL! Plus we're up a wrung on the social ladder from "the goat people" to "the horse people." You can't go wrong with that!


Delbert, aka Big D


Cynthia said...

I totally laughed about your 'goat people' to 'horse people' quip. Looks like a fun time for everyone!

April said...

How fun to have HORSES!! Love it~!
What wonderful pictures of Chloe with her cousins! She looks like she's in heaven!

jennohara said...

Awesome pictures! So great to have a big close family!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Hahaha! You guys are movin up in the world! You mean all this time I could have been calling you goat girl?

What a shame I just find this out now.