Happy Father's Day!

Chloe has the greatest dad in the world. He is so much fun and always there for us no matter what. He is sweet and sensitive and always good for a laugh. We just love him!....

I have a pretty great dad myself! Just one example: today I was in serious bow-making mode. I've got to have 200 more bows made for this weekend's Syracuse Heritage Days because I'll have a booth to raise money for the playground. My mom and I were cutting, folding and hand-stitching until our fingers bled (no lie), and Dad decided to do his part. He made a bunch of fabric buttons and helped us fold for quite awhile....

Not typically the crafty type, this was true evidence of his love for me and Chloe and support of the playground. He's the only person I know who would use a socket wrench for crafting purposes, though! ;)

Oby's dad is doing a football camp in Guatemala, so we weren't able to see him today, but he isn't forgotten.

Happy Father's Day!!!

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Carina said...

That is true love if you can get a non crafty man to help with a fund raising craft. Gotta love it!