For the past few months, I've been planning on having a booth at Syracuse's Heritage Days to hand out fliers and let people know about Chloe's playground. Then I decided to also sell bows to help raise money....

Then the city decided to donate an ipad and a basketball signed by all the Utah Jazz players that we could raffle off.


Oh, and the mayor brought the governor by to meet me. He offered his support and shed a tear while he watched the video. The governor!

Then they decided to hold an event to sell pies to help our cause....

Then they decided to have Chloe be the guest of honor at a children's parade.

Then they decided to dedicate the proceeds from their traditional pancake breakfast to our playground. Then they decided the breakfast wasn't enough and they decided to also have a hot air balloon that people could pay to ride, and the proceeds would go to the playground.

Talk about stepping up to the plate and absolutely exceeding expectations. When the playground is completed, it will truly be a heritage to this city.

And because of my new work schedule, Chloe having coming down with a serious case of Croup, the time it took to make all those bows we sold, and Oby being in charge of a rest stop for the MS 150 bike race to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, boy oh boy did I need help. Our parents, friends, family members and even people I didn't even know we really there for me and this cause.

Wow, I don't really have the words to say thank you enough for how much I appreciate ALL the help I got this week from SO many people. And to all the people who came to the events to support us. Wow. WOW.

It really paid off. We raised some impressive funds and I got some incredible contacts for future events and funds.


Thank you!!!

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Mel said...

SOOOO GREAT!!! What a great community!! I'm so excited for you, and the playground!!