Dreams Come True

We had another fantastic week in Cali! Chloe LOVES being a California girl!!!

This week, my parents and my brother's family met up with us for good times in Cali! Since the weather at our homes in Utah and Montana is winter-y cold, we decided to start our getaway by soaking up the California sun the best way we knew how -- swimming in the pool!

Even though we would have had fun swimming and lounging around all week, there were a couple little girls who were DYING to meet Cinderella! Izzy & Aspen ADORE Cinderella!

But I was so nervous because we didn't see Cinderella during our 5-day Disney visit last week, so I was afraid we wouldn't see her this week and it would have broken the girls' hearts. I tried convincing them that seeing Cinderella's castle was just as exciting!

But cute little Aspen kept telling me she was going to see Cinderella. This little had a dream and she wished and believed and....

That's right, folks! During the last 5 minutes of Cinderella's shift, we ran into her and she was just as excited to meet the girls! I think their mom Katrina and I were squealing louder than the girls! We were SO thrilled they got their wish to meet the elusive princess!

When Aspen taught me that dreams really could come true, I realized how many dreams were coming true just on this vacation!

It's always been my mom's dream to be surrounded by grandchildren. My brother and I both got married a little older than she'd hoped, but alas, here she is with all grandchildren around who adore her!!!

And a dream of mine came true this week. My family was together. Not just voluntarily agreeing to be in close proximity with one another without fighting, but actually choosing to be together and enjoying it! There was a serious falling out a few years ago surrounding a divorce and custody battle. Feelings were hurt, angry words were said. It was SO hard and I truly believed that I would never have a true sense of family again. I only had one brother, so if he and my parents weren't on speaking terms ever again, then I thought my idea of "family" was ruined.

Somehow, wounds have been mended, hearts have been softened, bridges have been built, and here we are. Together and happy. A true miracle. These photos of a happy family are a dream come true for me.

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for a wonderful vacation filled with good memories and good laughs!!!


Becky said...

What a GREAT trip. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. I especially love the one with Chloe and her dad in the pool - so sweet.

April said...

Oh I'm so glad you've had a magical trip and that you were able to create meaningful memories with your family! Love you!

Mel said...

Love it!! I love Disneyland at Christmastime! It is my favorite!! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation full of lots of family fun! You are so lucky to have 2 wonderful families that enjoy spending time together!! Chloe looks like she loved it, too!

MOLLY said...

oh what fun!!!!! you guys are so lucky to spend all that time in california at this cold grey time of year! you got some great photos and looks like you had an amazing time! ps you look great!!! hope to see ya soon!!!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

SoCal is AWESOME, that's why. ;) What beach were you at?