A Little Catch Up

I am SO behind on life. Chloe has been SO sick ever since we got home from vacation. Actually, she was pretty darn sick on vacation as well, but with only one trip to the ER, one shot and one diagnosis of Croup, we actually managed okay. Unfortunately, though, since we got home, she didn't continue to get better, but progressively got worse. We finally figured out it was some digestion issues and influenza B. Poor little thing. She's been on Tamiflu for a day now and already making a comeback. As I type, she's playing with a punch ball in mismatched PJ's while she laughs, kicks, squeals and punches. I'm just crossing our fingers she continues to improve and is all better in time for all the Christmas festivities and that Oby or I don't get it as well. I'm so grateful my work has been understanding and allowed me to stay home with her. We don't want to have anyone else watch her because she's highly contagious.

Anywho. I finally got a little sleep last night and had time/energy to put up these pictures from our visit to Oby's sister's family in Vegas on our drive home from Cali. We had such a fun time visiting with them! I'm definitely going to have to think of every reason I can for a visit to Vegas in the next couple of years while they're there. And really.... seeing them is reason enough!

It was so fun seeing sweet baby Madison. We just haven't got to see her enough since she was born and of course she has changed and grown so much each time we do get to see her. She's such a good baby and has the sweetest little smile, though I never quite caught it on camera.

Chloe loves babies. I think they speak her sacred language, it's pretty darn special watching her interact with all babies. But of course pictures don't even begin to capture just how special it is.

And Mr. Zeke. Oh how I love him! He calls me Aunt Teera and loves to show me all his toys. Plus he's so darn cute with Chloe.

They watched Mickey Christmas movies and Polar Express together. He sang her this song from Polar Express and words wouldn't even begin to explain how sweet it was.

I feel so blessed to have such amazing families and such a special bond with each of them. It really is a wonderful life. :)


Mel said...

I'm sorry that she has been so sicke!! That's not fun! Tamiflu is awesome. It helped Maddie recover pretty quickly last year. I love, love, love the song from Polar Express!! Hopefully Chloe's on the mend and you guys will be able to really enjoy your Christmas!! Hope to see you soon!

Angela said...

Sweet Chloe I hope you get better soon.

Nana said...

Thanks for the great pics. I hope Chloe is feeling even better today!!