Because Every Party Needs a Soundtrack

So I know that everyone who stops by this blog knows I'm a music fanatic. Well I follow quite a few music blogs and music sites checking out new releases and new-to-me artists. Every week I usually create a playlist with new tunes that I "try on," for awhile to see if I like them or not. I've decided to start sharing my weekly playlist with you all because, well, quite frankly, I'm awesome.


Thank you to my new favorite blogger, Passionista, for introducing me to most of the above-referenced tunes and/or artists. If our music taste says much about who we really are, then I'm pretty sure she and I are soul sistahs. Saturday night/Sunday morning, Chloe did not sleep at all. I think the poor little sweetheart was having tummy issues. But she loves listening to music with her mama, so I took the opportunity to dive into Passionista's blog from the beginning (4-ish years of music goodness), and just reveled in her music taste and how it is freakishly similar to mine. Long live the mixtape!

Cheers to fab music, Chloe sleeping through the night, a great week for everyone, and heck world peace too.

Want more music? Go here. Happy Monday :)


Jeri Dawn said...

You know that you truly are amazing, right? You face what most of us fear every day--NEVER SLEEPING! Ha ha. But, really, the true reason that you are amazing is because of your attitude. You are refreshing and rejuvinating, even in your trials. Love ya.

jocalyn said...

thanks for sharing your music finds! my itunes account/my credit card has been greatly influenced by you!

kendall loves music too. thankfully, she and i share the same taste. (with the exception of a few "personal penguin" type tunes)