Never Gets Old

I've shared this pic on the blog before, but it's been awhile. I frequently have to look at it because it's quite simply one of the funniest pictures I've ever seen! It never gets old.

Can you say white trash?

The face mask beard, the orange hunting cap, the empty fields in the background that are now jam-packed with subdivisions.... I love this precious memory!

Jamie and I grew up on the same street. We were born two months apart. Our brothers were the same age as well. We would always hang out at each others' houses. In the summers we would ride bikes and jump on Jamie's trampoline. In the winters, we would build snowmen (regardless of the many fashion faux pas's we committed in doing so), and there were occasional snowmobile/tubing rides. That was, at least, until my brother's speedy snowmobiling caused Jamie to flip off the tube and break her collar bone. Poor girl.

Jamie and I ended up being roommates for five years in our 20's. That started a whole new series of traditions and memories. But we always had this picture in a frame to remember our roots. It's a classic.

So the reason I thought of the pic was because we hung out with Jamie and her cute family last night. Oh my wordie did we have fun! Chloe is borderline obsessed with Jamie's daughters, Sadie & Avery, and I think the feeling is mutual.

When we first got there, Avery was seriously freaked out by Oby. She took one look at him and burst into a fitful scream. It took awhile, but he slowly convinced her that he wasn't so scary after all....

We had a good time playing "Dancey-Dance," as Sadie calls it, on the wii. I totally rocked at the bollywood number. Everyone owned the dance floor at one point or another, and we all thoroughly enjoyed participating and watching.

Don't you love how Chloe's laughing at them on the couch and how Sadie is doing the arm moves even though she's not actually playing? Totally makes me giggle.

Hooray for weekends and good old friends. :)


Celine said...

Awww looks like you guys had an awesome weekend!
I just LOVE it!

Kelly said...

I have been following your blog as part of a class I am in, and ever since I have appreciated it even more. I love reading about Chloe's daily achievements, because I too endure daily challenges due to a disability. Thank you for sharing your hardships with us.

Jamie said...

Oh how I love that silly picture. We have shared some sweet memories. Thanks for the fantastic night. We had a blast haggin out and can't wait till we can play again. Love ya girl.