Love Notes

A love note to my sweethearts:

I love you both so much!
Thank you for giving me a life filled with joy
and kisses and hugs and laughter and
immeasurable happiness!
Valentine's Day was filled with love
(just like all the other days)
and special (just like all the other days),
and that's how Valentine's Day should be....
just like all the other days!

Chloe got a little license plate for her wheelchair.
Oh my wordie, isn't it cute?

She sent love notes to her
classmates, teachers and therapists at school.
Her Valentine love notes had a special symbol on them,
and also included Hello Kitty magnets and
"Chloe's Sunshine Playground" chapstick,
plus the girls got bows for their hair!
I meant to make a mailbox for Chloe to take and receive her love notes,
but didn't remember until the last minute.
So instead we decorated a gift bag,
and I think it turned out pretty cute!

That night Chloe stayed with Grammy
(thank you, Mom!!!!!!)
So Oby and I could go on a date.
It was amazing!

Mindy Gledhill sure knows how to fill the air
with love notes.
That girl can sing!
She sounds better in person.
How is that possible?
It was fun and whimsical and special.
I felt like a teenager
~giddy with excitement~
...crushin' on my date...
it was



Mandy said...

She is beautiful as ever!! I love seeing her smile and being with her daddy what could be better??!!

April said...

What a wonderful love filled day!

Celine said...

Sounds like an awesome day!
I love the licence plate, way cool! :D

Jenkins said...

Totally copying the license plate, we have to get one for our wheels.

And the big guys t-shirt, wear did you get that?

Grand Pooba said...

You are so lucky to have them in your life!

Oh how I wish Valentine's Day in grade school were you give everyone a valentine! This post made me think of the good ol days!

Nana said...

It sounds like you had lot's of fun!!
We are sitting here in the house while it pours outside. I love Chloe's new plate.