Love Songs Day 14

To Oby:

I think this is the perfect song for Valentine's Day
"Be my honeypie,"
is essentially asking, "Won't you be mine?"

This song just reminds me of US...
When I hear it,
I imagine us dancing, being silly, laughing.
I love you. I love us.
Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart!

To Chloe:

I think when many people see us,
they feel bad.
They misunderstand our life SO much.
YOU are amazing!
You give nothing but joy and love!
We live such a charmed life together with daddy.
I love this life.
Thank you for the Valentine's gift
a new charm for my bracelet.

It is just perfect
because it represents YOU
and the charmed life we live together.
Happy Valentine's Day, baby girl!!!



Celine said...

Great post Tara!
Happy Valentine's Day to the Bennett family! :D

Mandy said...

I loved this Tara and oh I love your charm where on earth did you get this?? I have looked for one and found a signing one but never the chair. I love it!! Please tell! :)

Anonymous said...

You are a great Mom! I have been reading your posts and I absolutely adore this one. I love the charm for your bracelet and I love all the songs you posted!! Chloe is absolutely wonderful! I love looking at your pictures. Your family makes me smile :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights!!