Gnome Nonsense

I had a fun kick-off to my weekend.
A night out with my pal Amy.
We were once roommates and had some
incredibly good times!

Amy and I at a soccer game 5-6 years ago? Funny that I have like 9 chins, even though I was in probably the best shape of my life back then. Hmph!

Amy is amazing.... as good as they come.
She wouldn't let me take a picture of us tonight.
Even though we looked FAB in our 3d glasses!
She said she thought I would post it on my blog
And try to get people to set her up on some blind dates.
Me? I wouldn't do that!
However, if my readers took it upon themselves
To see and read about my adorable and wonderful friend
And think of a handsome and wonderful gentleman they know
Who happens to also be single
And live in the Salt Lake area
And wanted to set up my friend with said gentleman,
Well that would just be completely
out of my control.
I would never, ever try to force something like that.
Or even insinuate it.
Not even suggest it.
Not me, nope.

p.s. Amy is 5'4". She is a creative extraordinaire and marketing executive for Deseret Book (aka talented and successful). She also coaches gymnastics, as she was once an NCAA champion, receiving perfect 10's left and right -- AMAZING. She is one of the only people I actually know in real life who gets 10+ pages to pull up if you google their name.... What I'm trying to say is that she's kind of a big deal. She's the Young Women's President in her ward. Without question, she gives the most insightful and inspiring talks that I've ever heard, which is why she's frequently asked to guest speak for different functions. She loves water-skiing and hiking and dogs and dark chocolate. She is one of the funniest and quick-witted people I know. She owns the cutest little home in Sugarhouse, but she's in the process of selling it to get a nicer one -- I guess that's what people do when they're 'kind of a big deal.'

What? Does that sound like someone's profile on match.com? Hmmmm I hadn't really thought about it, nor was I suggesting anything.

Oh yes, so back to tonight.

We went to see Gnomeo and Juliet.
We ran into some old friends right before the movie.
When we told them what we were going to see,
They looked at us like we were crazy.
We're not little kids, after all.
So why the cartoon flick about gnomes?

It made more sense when we explained the back-story,
our inside joke about a gnome.
Even though I've blogged about our gnome before,
I'm going to share it again, in case you're new around here.

p.s. The movie was super duper cute! Loved it!!!

Whether cultural myth or not, the story goes like this....

An Australian gnome-owner was distressed when she discovered her gnome had been stolen one weekend in the 80's. A note was found in its place: "Dear mum, couldn't stand the solitude any longer. Gone off to see the world. Don't be worried, I'll be back soon. Love Bilbo xxx."

Later on, she would receive pictures of Bilbo the gnome in exciting parts of the world, such as this one where he is in front of Big Ben in London.

Fast forward 20 years or so, and you'll find me, before I had found my sweetheart. I had just moved into a home with roommates in Salt Lake City. I had the basement to myself, but some decorating had already been done. Everything looked fine, and I even liked how the place looked, but there was one thing that was bugging me - a gnome. Little did I know that one of my roommates had found him at a consignment store, considered him a treasure, and placed him by the fireplace as a focal point to the room. I thought I could just stick him in a closet, and no one would miss him.

I was wrong! But thankfully, my roommate (Amy) didn't take offense or begin a roommate spat. She simply decided to give her gnome a more exciting life than that of simply standing by the fireplace, or worse, being shoved into a dark closet by someone who didn't appreciate his vintage flair. And so began the adventures of Gerome the traveling gnome. Not quite as exciting as the life Bilbo led, but noteworthy nonetheles....

It all started when I got home late one night from an evening out with friends. I stood at my closet, hanging up my clothes, anxious to crawl into my bed, when I felt eyes peering up at me. I looked down to see this:

I giggled to myself, and the next morning Amy found Gerome in the bathroom with her toothbrush:

He didn't travel the world, but went all around our little house, usually mimicking either Amy or myself in some way. He became an honorary roommate, as we would find him at random times in randome spots throughout the house....

playing the piano

getting dolled up

Taking a warm bath

eating breakfast

Speeding off to work

waiting for a kiss under the mistletoe

getting coal for Christmas

playing cards

curled up reading a book

eating dark chocolate and peanut butter in front of the heating vent

Well, life changed very quickly. I met my husband, got married, moved out of the house. Amy and I still met for lunch now and then, but I thought the exciting days of finding Gerome in random places were over. Again, I was wrong! Last fall, I walked out my front door to go to work, and found this:

Gerome in a wicker basket with a note, 'please take care of my baby.

Trick or treaters were not alone on Amy's doorstep Halloween night last year. Gerome was also there:

dressed as a ghost, not a member of the KKK

Update on Gerome the Gnome. Amy's nephew borrowed him for some sort of Junior High English project. I think you know where this is going.... It involves a locker.

Needless to say,
Gerome is now RIP
(resting in pieces).

Although Gerome can never be replaced, life does go on. Shhhh, don't tell Amy, but I found a fantastic little gnome at a vintage boutique a few months ago, and so the tradition will love on!!! Where will we spot Gerome next? Only time will tell.

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Kim at Beehive Blog said...

what an absolutely delightful read! :) I love Gerome the Gnome and I will definitely keep an eye out for an interesting and nice guy that deserves an awesome chick like your friend :) - GREAT POST!