Love Songs Day 1

As part of my Valentine celebrations, I'm dedicating a love song to my two sweethearts every day for 14 days. Ever since I was tall enough to toddle over to the piano keys, I've been in love with music. Ever since I met Oby, I've been in love with him. Ever since I met Chloe, well, you get the idea..... What a better way to express my love than through something I love: music and lyrics. The only problem is narrowing it down to just two songs a day. But I'll do my best!

To Oby: Thank you for being a true companion in every sense of the word. You are the best friend and partner I could ever ask for. It is an honor to experience life with you by my side.

To Chloe: I've been singing this song to you since ever since I was expecting you. I never knew just how much these words would ring true.... there really is no one quite like you. You are such a special soul. I like your eyes, your nose, your face, your toes... but I LOVE you!


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Merinda Reeder said...

I like your songs collection.