Love Songs Day 6

To Oby:
I hope this doesn't seem like a cop-out,
but the lyrics really just sum it up.

I'm gonna love you ~ always

To Chloe: We decided to name your playground 'Chloe's Sunshine Playground.' It seemed an obvious choice. One time a city councilman asked why we chose that name. I did my best to explain, but it wasn't until he met you in person a few weeks later that he truly understood. He said to me, "Ah, now I see. She simply lights up the room. She IS sunshine. The name is perfect!"

Oh yeah I’m looking at the sun
Me and everyone
Looking at you

What’s new?
I guess I’ve never seen
A world so green
Than here beside you

This day is the perfect day
There’s nothing in our way
This is our time

I know what I’m holding in my arms
Keep it safe and warm
Just you and me now

Oh yeah
I’m looking at the sun
My darling young one
Here beside you

Right now
Before our world so green
Grows cold and changes scene
And the nights get darker

For now
I’m looking at the sun
Someday the rain might come
But I love the sunshine


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