Love Songs Day 8

To Oby:

Maybe it's love song overload? I dunno, but today it was hard to come up with a love song dedication. Quite simply, it's not one of those blissful-over-the-moon-twitterpated-with-my-hubby days.

Yes, there are times where I consider impeaching myself as President of the Oby Fan Club, because I'm not such a huge fan. But I know that after a few minutes or hours, I'll put back on my "Oby is the best husband ever," flair pins and fall in love all over again. And give you bucket loads of hugs and kisses and forget all about what even started my irritation in the first place.

In many ways, I consider this sincere admission a declaration of love just as much - and possibly even more - than the other days. Because it's an expression of unconditional love. I know you love me unconditionally as well and thank heaven for that because I know I'm not the easiest girl to love. Even though we make each other a little bit crazy sometimes, I still think we make a pretty great team.

A Little Bit Crazy by Jess Penner:

To Chloe:
one of my favorite moments with you and daddy
was last November
in Vegas
it was COLD
we were snuggling together trying to keep warm
while we stopped at Bellagio
to watch the dancing waters
i'm forever grateful to Aunt Aisha
that she captured this moment
it was a good moment with YOU

the song that played with the dancing waters
~Your Song by Sir Elton John~
i had never cared too much this song until then
maybe it was the dancing water, yet
it was impossible to watch the dancing water
i couldn't keep my eyes off you
you were soaking in the water and the music
then you were letting us know in your own special way of communicating
"i LOVE this and i LOVE you guys!"
you kept blowing kisses to daddy and i
and you even blew kisses to the dancing water
it was so sweet and even profound
almost a life-changing moment
one of those instances where time seemed to stand still
it was perfect
for a non-verbal child, you still are able to purely express
and i have seldom felt so much love from you
as i did in that magical moment
love and gratitude for your family
i hope you felt the love we were giving back to you
i hope you heard the message of the song
~how wonderful life is when you're in the world~
we love you and are grateful that you love us
it is an honor


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