First Love

I fell in love for the first time at an early age.
With the piano.
I started lessons at age 4
because my mom couldn't get me to stop begging.
Even though I don't have a piano in my home now,
I plan to one day.
A baby grand to be precise.
Please don't mistake my love of the piano to indicate that I'm any sort of grand pianist.
I most certainly am not.
But I can play most songs that I want to play.
I enjoy it oh so much and always will.
Because true love lasts forever.

Even though life is busy,
when one of the new friends I've made at work
asked/begged me to give piano lessons to her daughter,
well I had to say yes.
Actually, initially I said no.
Then my friend told me,
"Audrey loooves the piano.
She begs to play. She begs for lessons."
A girl after my own heart..
So ~ that was that.
Audrey wanted me to be her teacher.
I guess her previous piano teacher was boring
and Audrey doesn't think I'm boring.
(She's right, by the way.
I'm pretty much a non-stop good time. haha)
Audrey is so cute, such a little smarty pants.
She already knows the basics and
was thrilled to show off her skills with a little
Ode to Joy!
She even knows quite a bit of history about
pianos and famous composers.
She even knew what Allegra meant!
Two girls + one first love =
the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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