Love Songs Day 9

To Oby:
Well, we made it through our minor rough patch.
It really was so trivial.
I'm sorry that I let some things get under my skin.
In the end, we laughed about it, like we always do.
We planned our Valentine's weekend.
Life is good.
Life is better with you in it.
Thank you!

To Chloe:
I'm in heaven when you smile.
I'm in heaven when I snuggle you to sleep
and you cling to my shirt.
I'm in heaven when I come home from work
and you greet me with such excitement,
kicking, squealing and blowing kisses.
Pretty much any moment with you
~that is my idea of heaven~


1 comment:

Becky said...

Hahaha! I had one of those mornings. :) Not so funny at the time, but we made up later too. xoxo