New Look

You may have noticed that this blog got a new look recently. What happened was that I went to update my header for TMI, and I was completely uninspired. So I decided to start from scratch, and endless jubilee was the result.

I know most people resist change, but I am quite the opposite. I thrive on change.... it inspires me and rejuvenates me!

So after I got the new look for this blog, I realized it was time to udpate kidz. Oh how I loved the original design, but it had been that way for over two years now! Go check out the new look and let me know what you think of our special place for special needs. :)


p.s. I had the best time going to Chloe's class today. I can't wait to share all the fun details -- tomorrow! ;O)


Celine said...

Loving the new look Tara! :D
It looks awesome!

Emily said...

I love your new look... I think I need a redesign!! I am in love with your pink!

jennohara said...

Love the new look here, and at Kidz! I'll have to grab the new button!

Nana said...

I love it!!!! Now I need a new button.... and, of course you know I don't know how to do it.
Thank you.

When you get a spare minute?

Lisa Cj's Mom said...

This is a beautiful blog, lots of wonderful families and inspiration! I love the graphics too!