Classroom Cuties

This week we did more filming for the playground video. This time we got some shots in Chloe's classroom. It was the first time I got to spend much time with Chloe in *her* place. She was just loving all the attention and kept making sure I was watching and would stop "showing off" if Ryan, the film guy, was filming someone else. She wanted to save all her energy for her time in front of the camera.... She's such a little diva!

I was especially excited to meet Shurlyn -- I've been told that Shurlyn and Chloe are besties at school. Oh, she is just such a sweetheart. She can speak, but has to have a speaker so you can hear her (because she has a ventilator). She told me that Chloe was her friend and thanks for the Valentine. SO SWEET.

(found this poster via Pinterest -- my new favorite website)

Shurlyn also loved showing off in front of the camera and she and Chloe were excited to show how they ride the see-saw together. I was seriously in heaven watching my girl in this place where she is loved and accepted and has a whole different routine than anything she knows in our home. I could not stop smiling the entire time!

Shurlyn on the touch screen and Chloe on the see-saw

Chloe's teacher was especially excited to show me the swing Chloe loves. They hang it low to the ground and she lays flat on her back. Then she pushes herself with her feet. She loves being independent, so being able to push herself is pretty much heaven on earth for this girl! She was squealing and giggling up a storm while she showed me. But if Ryan wasn't filming, she would stop completely and just wait. Oh my word, this girl makes me laugh!

Chloe on her swing making sure everyone's paying attention -- lol!

A few months ago, I met a guy at work, Tony, who's going to school to be a PA. We became quick friends because of our mutual adoration of Arrested Development, but then we found out that both our girls have special needs. Then we found out they even go to the same preschool! His little Indie goes to the afternoon class and Chloe goes to the morning, but still! What a small world! I asked Tony's wife and daughter if they'd mind participating in the video and they were kind enough to come along for the ride! Oh my word, miss Indie is such a little spit fire -- a ball of energy and fun! When she gets excited, she rings her hands together and smiles so big that her eyes close. Ryan got some great shots of Indie swinging and jumping on the playground surface. She's a doll. Jessica is lovely ~ she and I were fast friends, and I was so happy to have met them!!!

Indie & Jessica

Ryan got some great shots of all the kids doing different types of therapy and how much they enjoy (and need!) sensory input and sensory play. It was quite a process to get the school district to approve this little film session, lots of forms had to be signed by lots of people, so this day was not taken for granted. BUT it was also worth it! I think much of what we got that day is what will really help people understand the who and why behind this project. It was a special day.

Grace and Shurlyn enjoying sensory play

And seriously, Chloe was so freaking adorable while she was in the fire engine area at the school's playground. I don't know exactly what it was about this that she loved so much, but she was squealing and smiling up a storm! Maybe because it gave her an enclosed feeling? And she kept trying to drive the steering wheel. Whatever the reason, it was delightful to watch!

Chloe loving life in the fire truck

Of course I'll post the video as soon as it's available for viewing. I'm excited to see how it turns out. We're going to try to do three versions -- a long 6-8 minute one, a medium 3-5 minute one (that will be used most often), and a 30-second commercial-type one. We're hoping to get the 30-second one shown in the local theater(s) before previews. Ryan's previous work is amazing and his heart is 100% into this project (I actually saw him wiping tears away a few times while we were in Chloe's classroom), so I'm confident that his end product is going to be nothing shy of amazing. Can't wait to share it with everyone!!! (Unless, of course, I look fat, then I'll just keep it to myself! hahaha..... I'm not kidding.)


Cynthia said...

I can't wait to see it! Having a video made is brilliant and will do so much to move your project forward.

Way to shine, Chloe!

PS- Make sure you hit up McDonalds/ Ronald McDonald Charities. Between the two groups we got $60,000. Your project is an even better fit for them!

Jennifer said...

Good luck on your park project. You're quite an inspiration. Chloe always makes me smile. What a sweet girl!

Angela said...

So excited for the video!

The Pachuilo Family said...

Tara what a greta idea! I'm really excited to see the video once it's done. And I am sure you look beautiful as always!