Soko & Other Goodies

I instantly fell in love with this video made for Kate Spade, then almost simultaneously fell in love with the artist singing in the video, Soko. She's an artist who uses the ukulele and piano in most of her songs and has a dreamy, whimsical voice.... So my style! Enjoy :)

Here is another Soko song I love.

And here are some more songs to snack on this week. I already knew most of these artists, but the songs are new-to-me goodies.


My favorite songs from the playlist are
Lark by Josh Ritter and
Come Fly Away by Jeremy Fisher


Other exciting news in music for me this week....
Joshua Radin is coming to town
with Laura Jansen & The Cary Brothers
and we're going!
I can't wait for these and other good songs by these fab artists....

Joshua Radin:

Cary Brothers ft. Laura Jansen

What songs are you loving this week?

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Adriane said...

I can't get over listening to Valentine by Kina Grannis :) I know it's not valentine's anymore but I don't care!! lol

I love your music taste! :) I love stealing your music!