A Valentine's Day Miracle!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
I love Mindy Gledhill....

"Indie singer songwriter
that will leave you floating
like a scoop of vanilla cream
in a strawberry soda."

I found out on Tuesday that she was having a concert this weekend just an hour from my house. I shrieked in excitement at the thought of getting to hear some of my favorite songs in person - in a small, intimate concert of only 150 people! And rumor had it that cupcakes and other delightful desserts would be served! Seriously, people, I was shrieking.

Then I went to her website to purchase the tickets, and much to my horror, the concert was sold out. I was sad, but undeterred. I decided we would just go early and hope they would let us stand in the back or something when they saw how eager I was about the whole thing!

THEN! A Valentine's Day miracle happened! I'm a fan of Mindy's on facebook, and I started reading facebook statuses when I couldn't get to sleep at 2 am. And guess what, folks?

Mindy had posted that they decided to do a 2nd show next Monday
~Valentine's Day~
Picture it: arm candy, ear candy AND cupcakes!
Pretty much the best way to celebrate
in my opinion!

Wanna join us?
I would love it if you could come along!
Buy tickets here!


jennohara said...

How awesome! I'm so glad you got your miracle! :)
Sounds like a delicious time!!

jocalyn said...

i am sooo jealous!
if texas wasn't a billion miles away, i would be there in a "heart" beat :)