Weekend Plans

I'm so excited for the weekend! We have some fun things planned and I'm SO looking forward to it after having an exceptionally hectic week!

Last weekend Chloe and I were both so sick, that it came and went in a blur. My house still has evidence of our sickness strewn about, as well as laundry that didn't get done when my usual routine got the rug pulled out from under it. So tonight I'll be cleaning and doing laundry, and dreaming of the day that my laundry room looks like this....

Are you squealing too? I know! I already have the "LAUNDRY" detergent holder, so I'm pretty sure it's meant to be :)

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but Oby told me today that we would probably be getting a new camera tomorrow. I've been begging for one for heaven only knows how long. You may have noticed that there are fewer and fewer pictures of Chloe on this blog and that's because I just down-right detest my camera! It takes terrible pictures, so I hardly even use it. I love memories and pictures and blogging and scrapbooking, so I need a camera! Everyone cross your fingers that this little beauty is mine tomorrow!!!!!

We're also planning on going to the Ice Castles in Midway tomorrow. I can't believe I only recently found out about this exhibit that is so close to my house. It sounds so amazing and I cannot wait to see it in person! How cool will it be if I get to take pictures of the Ice Castles with my new camera tomorrow? (Insert super cheesy grin and annoying squeal here!)

GASP! As I was creating this post, I went on the Ice Castles' website so I could link everyone to it, only to find out that Wednesday was their last night. I am so bummed because we planned on going for the last three or four weeks and something always came up, and now we've missed our chance. I'm wiping away my tears and will just have to look forward to going next winter (sniff sniff).... Good thing Utah is so beautiful, I'm sure we'll still find somewhere lovely to go! (Trying to find the silver-lining here, people!)

Speaking of finding the silver-lining, we have something very special to do on Sunday. We are going to see Nick Vujicic speak.

The first time I heard of this amazing man, I was in a dark place about Chloe's condition. Hearing his story was a miracle for me and truly life-altering. (Watch the video here.) It changed my perspective on.... everything. Those words just do not do justice to how much watching this video on that day meant for me then and going forward. I wish I could express it better, but hopefully you get the point.

The way I found out he was in town was also miraculous. I stopped at a gas station on my way to work this morning. As I was checking out, the guy behind me asked if I had ever heard of Nick Vujicic. My eyes immediately lit up and I said, "Yes! I love him! Uh (awkward giggle).... why do you ask?" He explained that he saw him speak last week and heard he was speaking again this Sunday. He said for some reason, when he saw me, he thought he should tell me. He was not a weird guy, folks. In fact, he seemed embarassed.

I told him not to be embarassed, I just stood there shaking my head, and writing down the information. I told the stranger about my daughter and about the first time I watched the video, and how it truly changed my life. The man told me that going to see him speak last week changed his life as well, then we went our separate ways, both trying to figure out what just happened.

Life is amazing, people! I'm telling you! It makes me so happy all the time, all the zillions of little things that happen all around me that make life so wonderful and blessed.

Here is a paragraph from his website that explains what he teaches:

Nick shares with his audiences the importance of vision and dreaming big. Using his own experiences in worldwide outreach as examples, he challenges others to examine their perspective and look beyond their circumstances. He shares his view of ceasing to see obstacles as problems, but instead begin to see them as opportunities to grow and reach out to others. He stresses the importance of how attitude can be the most powerful tool we have at our disposal and illustrates how the choices we make can have a profound effect on our lives and the lives of those around us. Nick shows through his own life that the major keys in fulfilling our biggest dreams are persistence and choosing to embrace failure as a learning experience, rather than allowing the guilt and fear of failure to paralyze us.
Last but NOT least, we will be adding our prayers to all the prayers for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. My heart has been broken all day because I cannot get the images out of my mind of the water just eating everything up so quickly.

I pray that the love of Christ floods their hearts and homes as quickly as the tsunami flooded their country.

Only with the help of Christ can we fully overcome tragedy. It is necessary to develop our faith in Him as the Redeemer of the world. He taught us: "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world (John 16:33)." --Carlos H. Amado


jocalyn said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! That's my new camera! I researched and researched and when I got it...my life changed. It is sooo user friendly, and the videos are great too. I hope it pans out for ya! If it does, I have to share the etsy shop I bought my camera strap from! Or, maybe, I can "pin" it :).

Jenny said...

oh, I love him too! I hope you have the best weekend. And, I'm telling you...I'm with Jocalyn...I don't have that same camera, but my love for my new camera runs very deep. She's like another child. It has changed my life and I get all giddy just thinking about it!:)

Jennifer said...

I love reading your posts! Don't you love how people come into your life at just the right time?!?! Perfect! He sounds amazing!

Kristina said...

Just catching up on some posts and this one made me LAUGH out loud at the laundry room. Seriously...if I had that much extra room in my house I certainly wouldn't designate it for a laundry room (my least favorite chore that I do every day!). Sooooo funny. I'd put the washer and dryer on top of each other, a small shelf and bar to hang the clothes and make a craft space out of the extra room..... :-)