Feeling Lucky

I feel so lucky and blessed today. Maybe it's St. Patrick's Day fever? Or spring fever? I don't know and I don't care, I love it!

Speaking of luck and St. Patrick's Day, I just realized that I needed to let you know that if you're looking for any cute St. Patrick's Day ideas -- crafts, decorations, food, activities -- kidz is the place to find it. I had good intentions of making a few garlands for the house, but what I'll probably do is something cute for Chloe's wheelchair the day of and something to send for her classmates. Anywho, here's a glimpse of some of the ideas, but go check out all of them!

Actually, this banner is essentially NO work
because it's a free printable.
Hmmmm.... guess I might throw this up in a hurry after all!

Should I send this with Oby for lunch on St. Patrick's Day?
LOL, how funny would that be.
I'm totally going to do it!

Green eggs and rainbow toast = super duper cute idea from my pal Bree!
Love this!


April said...

CUTE ideas, and HOORAY for Spring fever!!

LearningByReading said...

Spring Fever makes us all feel that way. Nice post!

Celine said...

Cute! I love your lunch idea! So cute and funny!
BTW, how was watching Nick Vujicic speak? :D
I'm sure I'm being greedy and you'll tell us all about it! ;-)