Different Than Planned

Well, a few have asked me how I'm liking my new camera and/or how it was to go see Nick Vojicic. That will teach me to do a blog post about my plans, because things never go quite as planned around here! We didn't do a single one of the things I said we were doing in this post. It kind of makes me giggle, actually, because those plans were so set in stone, but alas.... life had a different idea!

I ended up doing an interview for a local newspaper about Chloe and the playground, then Chloe ended up being pretty darn sick Saturday and Sunday. So Chloe and I stayed home while Oby did the grocery shopping and went to family events that came up. Truthfully, the low-key relaxation was kind of nice, although I was bummed Chloe was sick. But she made a dramatic recovery Sunday evening and has seemed fine ever since.

She went back to school on Monday after a 2-week hiatus. She was SOOOOOOO excited, I can't even explain it in words! I asked if she was excited to go on the bus so she could go to school and see her teachers and friends. Squeal, kick, smile, raise her arms.... totally adorable!

Chloe has been showing more and more of her personality recently and it makes my little heart leap with joy! She is obsessed with her Minnie Mouse doll and acts like a typical 3-year-old if she doesn't have Minnie in her arms while we're reading books before bed. When she has Minnie, she has to give her a kiss, then puts in poor Minnie in a headlock while she falls asleep, then stays that way until she wakes up. Adorable! Another thing she's recently started is while I'm getting ready in the mornings, she yells at me, kind of like a nagging little holler, until I put makeup on her. I usually put Lip Smackers chapstick and pretend to put on blush with my brush. She goes wild with excitement, then "nags" me again until I show her in the mirror. How cute is that!?!? I love how much personality this girl has. She also will NOT look at me when I'm taking her picture. She'll smile and giggle, turn her head away, closer her eyes or do this....

What a stinker! I love it :)

I love Chloe's shirts in those pictures. The sunshine with the saying, "I will make a difference." Sigh, so true, Miss Chloe. You have and you will make a difference. I also love the green shirt with the retro-vibe to it. Chloe seems more and more like a little girl and less and less like a baby lately. I know she IS a little girl, but it still seems strange to me. She is so fragile, yet so strong, brave and bursting with potential. She amazes me every single day!

In other news, and in no particular order:
  • The playground video is complete or close to complete. The second I have it, you better believe I'll be sharing it!
  • An article should be in the paper in the next week or two.... I'll keep everyone posted about that.
  • I have big news about a benefit concert and the headline singer who's supporting us -- this makes me giddy and squeal and jump for joy all at the same time, I can barely handle the excitement! We also have lots of other fun news about the playground, but it's all unofficial at this point, so I can't share it ;)
  • Oby is almost done with school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oby and I are both doing really well with losing weight. I struggled when Chloe was so sick, especially with exercising, so I lost weight more slowly, but I still widdled away at it. We have such different and improved eating habits, I love it! We also have a stationary bike and are obsessed with the "Just Dance" version of working out on the wii. Oh my word, we laugh so hard when we do that and I seriously sweat more doing that than any of my other workouts. Good times! I really, really, really want to be healthy and fit into my skinny jeans. So I'm working really, really, really hard to make that happen!
  • My March Madness bracket is complete. I am so excited for the games to begin!
  • I am planning a wildly adorable birthday party for Miss Chloe's 4th. Can't wait!
  • We have four summer getaways planned, not including our usual cabin visits. Fun times ahead!
  • Chloe just woke up so this is my last bullet point. Night-night!


April said...

Oh what exciting things to look forward to!!! Can't wait to hear more!
*congrats on the weight loss! (although I always think you look awesome!!)

Celine said...

Awwww I love Miss Chloe but you already know that by now! What a cutie!
She has so much personnality, it's awesome! Such a cutie pie!
Congratz on the weight loss Tara but you looked great already! ;-)
Happy Wednesday!

Mo said...

Love the green peace shirt... where did it come from??