Music Music Music!

I'm in desperate need of a new playlist, so I've put one together. My stats tell me that people tune in to these, so I'll keep sharing them, but I'd LOVE feedback and other artists/songs you like so I can include them in the next one maybe?

Oh, but really quick, before we get to the playlist, check out this medley of misunderstood lyrics, it's sure to make you smile :)

Okay, now for the playlist. I've really outdone myself this time, folks. Nearly 200 super fab songs, so dig in and enjoy!!!


And just a few more vids to share of artists that I'm going to see! I used to LOVE going to live concerts before I got married, but it's not really Oby's thing. Well I recently made a friend through work that shares my obsession with live music, and our summer concert schedule is quickly filling up with good stuff. I can't wait!

You have no idea how hard it is for me to pick just ONE song for each artist, but here goes.

Joe Purdy:

William Fitzsimmons:

(sadly this concert is sold out, but I still had to throw in this video because It. Is. Awesome.) Adele:

Iron & Wine:

Mindy Gledhill & Meaghan Smith (free concert!):

(quick fact: Mindy is #1 on the charts in Korea. Way to go, Mindy! I love her.)

Ray Lamontagne & Brandi Carlile (another free one!):

Natasha Bedingfield:

David Gray (squeal!):

Joshua James (free!):

Neon Trees (free!)
YES you read that right. Neon Trees. Free.

(I'm going to try to take Chloe to this concert. She's obsessed with that song.)

Wowza, good stuff!



Lisa Cj's Mom said...

I love your taste in music! Thanks for sharing! I hope you do not mind, I posted the first clip on my facebook page...too funny!

Adriane said...

You are SO LUCKY!! Here in middle-of-nowhere military town there are NO concerts :( Aaaaand, horrible radio stations too. Since we moved here a year ago, I figured I'd never hear new music again! So thanks for always keeping me updated!! :D