It's the Little Things

Here are some of the little things that make our life wonderful.....

Chloe waiting to get on the bus

Jake and Oby on Oby's birthday

daffodils from my mom :)

my favorite sign of spring and hope

Chloe crying.
(I had to throw this in
because people are always asking
if Chloe is ever NOT smiling.
The answer is that she cries quite often.
She is very, very tender-hearted.
Here she was crying because
Oby went into the other room for a minute.
It was very tragic. ;)

Chloe playing with her "treasure chests"

I just put random items in wicker baskets.
She digs in, gets things out, throws them on the ground,
then digs back in.
Sounds exciting, eh?
Chloe loves it!

"Don't bother me. I'm digging for treasure." :)

Storm Trooper Chloe!!!! (love this!)

Tickle party with Papa & William

Hope your life is filled with wonderful little things as well!


April said...

Love all of those little things! Love YOU too!!

Kristina said...

I laughed out loud at sad Chloe because Oby went in the other room. Emma is exactly the same way. Then, when you return, she starts to laugh and is all smiles. Leave = cry, return = treated like a King/Queen. Sure makes you want to leave the room once in a while to build up your ego!

Love Storm Trooper Chloe. So super cute. Like the photos - the new camera must be treating you well :-)

jennohara said...

Love all the pictures, and all the "little things"

taynorseth said...

I love all the little things!!!

taynorseth said...

Ummmmm, that was Nana not Taylor!!!

Grand Pooba said...

She makes me smile!! Even when she cries :)

Shannon said...

Nope nope, I am convinced after tonight that she does only smile, that picture is doctored, I am sure of it!

Mandy said...

Oh I think I needed to come and read this today!! I so need to be looking at the small and simple things and finding pleasure in them!! It has been so long since I have been on the whole blogging thing!! These three boys have kept me so busy and we are expecting another little one not sure what it is yet but moving and everything has been way busy!! Life I guess has moments like that! :) I sure have missed you!! I love seeing Chloe's smile!! She is so sweet!! Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful little things!! Love you Tara!