Tulip Festival Open Invitation

Hey, all my special needs friends in Utah....
you've read Welcome to Holland, right?
Come tiptoe through the tulips with others who also had the experience of "landing in Holland" with their special needs child(ren)....

Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival is amazing!
I cannot think of a better place
to celebrate our unexpected life amid the tulips
than at this venue with my other special needs friends.

This is an open invitation.
Feel free to spread the word, or come even if we've never met! If I've learned anything in these four years, it's that one of the best parts about life in Holland are the other tourists you meet along the way....

Let me know for sure if you're coming and how many will be with you
because I'd like to make windmills for all the kids
and will give you my phone number so we can be in contact that day, just in case ;)

p.s. I'm going to contact Thanksgiving Point to see if they may possibly offer a discounted price for this special group. If I don't tell you otherwise, though, plan on an entry fee.
Details about the Tulip Festival
(prices, directions, etc)
can be found here.

And remember....


Jenny said...

awesome awesome awesome. won't be there, unfortunately, but my heart will be;)

Nana said...

That's right sister.
Go look at the cute pics of Chloe on my blog.

Jessica said...

Oh Tara, this sounds wonderful! Unfortunately, I will be out of town that weekend. I'm sorry to miss it. Have fun!