Birthday Babble

A few pix from Chloe's actual birthday.

Teddy wearing Chloe's Better Than Normal birthday crown!

Papa sang Happy Birthday to little miss. She is under-reacting here. Usually she kicks and squeals up a storm when Papa plays the guitar and sings for her. Since when is this little ham camera shy!?!?!....

We saved the Sprinklebelle cake to eat on her birthday.
That was so selfish of us -- it was truly delicious!
And I really, really need to work on my photography skills....
um, the giraffe on the high chair wasn't meant to be in primary focus! haha

Aside from really cute swimming suits and sandals,
Chloe's birthday present was meant to be a tablet (iPad-like).
We got one, but the touch screen was SO not user friendly,
which obviously won't work for Chloe.
We're still on the look-out for the right product, and I may have to give in
on my anti-Apple snobbery and get an iPad after all.
In addition, I made this wall display with prints I found on Pinterest
sprinkled with cute pictures of Chloe
hung on laundry twine that I got at the dollar store
with colorful paper clips!
It turned out really adorable for the large blank wall that was in her room.
And she really loves looking at it!
I like reading the messages because they are all inspiring/motivational
and very Chloe-like....

Sigh.... I cannot believe she's 4. How does life pass so quickly?....

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