Chloe's Birthday Party: Four Years Go By in a *Flash*

I was going to try to keep Chloe's birthday party simple this year. Just a small family affair. I would have been fine if it had just been the three of us, I wanted it to be small.

Well, that was before I saw this idea on Elle Belle Creative: a birthday party theme of the years going by in a flash.... picture garlands, photo booth & photo props? How could I say no to that? It was just too gosh darn cute to resist! Enter pinterest with ideas galore and this was the result:

Sweet treats galore
Not pictured: many more treats from Chloe's grandmas
And six over-stuffed scrapbooks filled with pictures and pages of Chloe's four years

"Four Years Go By in a Flash"
I wish I had gotten better pictures of the picture garlands,
they were really quite adorable!

Chloe just loved all the attention
and looked stunning in her red party dress!

This cake by Jill of Sprinklebelle Cakes
was easily my favorite part of the entire party!
SO SO SO cute, dontcha think?

Overview from the stage

First time meeting blog friend (now "real" friend!) Shannon & Dylan awwww, love them!

Ava had a quick crush on Oby - so cute!/pretty little Ella

Dad singing Happy Birthday/Cute Carter

Chloe meeting "Aunt Melissa"

Melissa is a friend I recently made through work Gosh, I love her!

Dad/Oby & Dallas

The Bennett Bunch & The Love Ladies

Nana & Papa

"Who farted?" Max & Grandma Judy

Our friends, the Drecksels

me with pal Amy

Uncle Matt with Jake & Sally

Aunt Sissy/Grandma & Grandpa Bennett

Chloe's birthday is actually tomorrow, so we will have another small celebration for that. I truly cannot believe Chloe is 4-years-old. Wow.... What a privilege motherhood has been!

Hmmmm.... what to do for the fifth year? I actually already have an idea and if I follow through on it, I really do need to get started on the planning and preparations!


JJ said...

Happy Birthday Chloe. May God continue to poor His healing power down upon You and make you whple in the name of Jesus.

Becky said...

WOW! So, so cute. YOU are amazing. Wish I could have come too. :) FOUR! Such a big girl! Happy Birthday dear Chloe!

April said...

What a delightful party!!!! I so wish I could have been there! We sure love you!! xoxox Happy birthday beautiful Chloe!!!

jennohara said...

Her parties are always the best!! And boy, does she deserve them! :D
Happy Birthday Chloe!

And Happy HAPPY Mother's Day to you, Tara!

Rian Krommenhoek said...

Awesome job! Looks like you guys had a blast. I love the photo booth pictures. A small party always sounds nice, but isn't it great to go big?! A great reason to celebrate!

Jennie said...

What a fun party. I'm sorry we weren't able to attend! We hope she has a wonderful birthday!!!

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Chloe!!!! Your party looks like SOOOOOO much fun! Wish we could have been there to meet you and sing :-)

I have a feeling this year will be filled with great things for you! Enjoy it!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Chloe! I hope your 4th year is amazing!!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

What an amazing party! Happy Birthday Chloe x

The Pachuilo Family said...

Cute Party! And a Happy Birthday to the adorable Chloe of yours. Looks like fun! I might have to steal your idea.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh a photo booth?? What a fun idea!! I love Chloe's dress! Wait, does that cake say 4?


Love that girl!

Jenn said...

WOW! YOU did good!

Adriane said...

Aww, happy birthday to Chloe!!! Looks like a wonderful party!!